The Last Few Weeks

The last few weeks have been jam packed with exciting activities.

We had Science Day, which we’ll blog about later today. We have also had a great non-uniform day with the theme ‘Bring a Bottle’ to raise prizes for our Summer Fair. And on Friday we celebrated Armed Forces Day, where we focused on what sort of character you have to have to be a soldier.

Stay tuned for our blog posts!

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Our First Coding Lesson

How many days can you say that you made a computer game at school?

Our First Coding Lesson on PhotoPeach

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This weeks spellings are

Group 1
wool, woof, work, word, would, won’t

Group 2
woman, women, swollen, sword, swore, awoke, wound, would, wonder, won’t

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This week’s spelling are:

Group 1


Group 2


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In year4a we have been learning about reycling and miss coupe even did a asembley about it so yeay we have been learning about  recycling ok  back to recycling and we even did some posters about recycling.

We even did this amazing game you have to move this trash , To move the trash you had to click on the arrows,And to empty the trash you had to click on”empty”. 🙂


by mason,blade


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Robbie and leightons amazing post of DIARY OF THE WIMPY KID.

On Friday, our treat was Faaaaaaaaaantastic!!  It was ,to see the one and only amazing author JEFF KINNEY!!!!!! When the video came on everyone shouted Yeah, its Jeff kinney, his first words was hello i am so happy to be with you and even happier to be reveiling BOOK NUMBER 9 !!!!!!!!!!! thats right a new diary of the wimpy kid book number 9.The best part about it is called the long hauland really it confused me because I thought it would be camping style or something.

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Recycling! :)

We have been learning about recycling in  PHSCE. we played a game on the white board you had to slide bins to catch rubbish things that can be recycled or can be composted it was really really  fun Mason got the highest score. then we read a fact sheet to see what not recycling was doing to the planet and we also found out that a someone  was trying to made plastic cups into pecils and that if we recycled more are bin would be two times smaller than it is now. it was a realy awesome fact sheet. and the man that that was turning plastic cups into pecils is saving billions of trees and trees produce oxegen witch we breath and the animal breath to to it will help us and the animals and its helping the jungle animals







By Charlie Temprell

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MATHS !!! ;)

In this term we have been doing grid method (which I like!). I don’t really join in with the lesson because I have separate sums, because I ‘m a level higher (which is like way cool!!!) Miss Coupe always does cool lessons which I normally understand. I normally get sums like 24 times 4, or some thing like that, which are quite easy. MATHS IS MY FAVOURITE SUBJECT, but I also like times tables (wait a miniute that is maths never mind.)

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recycleing is a interresting because you can do diffrent fings with stuff you don’t want andmost of the time it is very can also help the planet serevive so remember all ways recycle and never dump stuff any were sept fromthe dump and in the bins.then you will be able to save the planet.if you are a recycler keep it up and soon the planet will be helthy,nice and stunning because it is a happy place and please come and help us keep it nice,beatiful and stunning.recycleing is allways good to save animals lifes because small anilmals and pets can get traped and indangerd so it is allways better to be on the safe side of the world and remember to allways recycle.




by keira, kelsey y4a

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F1 racing

Our topic this term is Formular 1 racing, in Art we are making our own cars. Then were racing them. We are building them out of different thing from school and home.     Our teachers gave use some fun homework with lots different activeitys to do till the end of term. So it’s going to be fun! We are having so much fun with our new topic. We hope you will to!

By Kacey & Bonnie Y4a






















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